Mindfulness Training Programs  


 Online Mindful Meditation, Compassion and Movement Practices
For A More Healthy and Vibrant Life
Compassionate Caregiver Training

The Mindfulness Training For Grandparents With Purpose

Living well as you age,  and feeling great doing so, starts with how well you are caring for your mind and body, in the present moment. 

  • Learn relaxation techniques for dealing with stress and coping with anxiety.
  • Support healthy brain aging and protect your memory, so you can have a calm and clearly focused mind.
  • Engage the body mindfully to relieve physical pain, tension, and discomfort.
  • Experience deep, restful and restorative sleep to wake up feeling rejuvenated, happier, lighter and more energized every day.
  • Connect deeply with others using the power of compassion to help your children in difficult moments, resolve conflict better, improve communication, and promote resilience.
  • Create healthy habits through daily stress management and gentle mindfulness exercises so you can promote long-term health, flexibility, balance, strength, and stability. 

The stress of caregiving can compromise your health, if not balanced, so it’s important to have practices that help you take care of your mind and body.

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