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Raising Mindfulness™ 

Online Meditation Classes and

Mindfulness Training to Relieve Stress Naturally,

Enhance Relationships and Plan For A Brighter Future.




Discover Mindfulness For Families

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Online Meditation Classes and

Mindfulness Training to 

Relieve Stress Naturally

and Plan For A Brighter Future.

Discover Mindfulness For Families
Hello! I'm Katrina, Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Instructor and Founder of Raising Mindfulness™


I created Raising Mindfulness because I know how it feels to struggle with parenting stress, and a lack of healthy coping strategies and community for support. 

Today, I'm on a mission to help families relieve stress naturally and create deeper connections, so you can sharpen your mind, reclaim precious time, cultivate emotional well-being and plan for a brighter future.  

When I first discovered the healing power of mindfulness, I was studying at Oxford University and experiencing burnout. At the time, I was looking for healthy strategies for relieving stress, coping with anxiety and thriving during one of the most challenging times in my life.


While I began meditating for my health, it wasn’t until I became a parent that I experienced the most profound benefits.


The awareness and emotional resiliency I had cultivated in my years of mindfulness meditation practice, I found invaluable raising a family.

This equipped me with the resourcing practices to respond calmly with awareness to situations, rather than react; efficiently manage my time and renew my energy; and confidently help my family naturally manage stress and relate in healthy ways for loving relationships. 

This inspired me to become a mindfulness coach and meditation instructor for families; studying somatic psychology, resilience training and compassion practices. 

From this place, I learned to relate to stressful situations in a capable, confident, and trauma-sensitive way, and help facilitate the same transformation with families.

What I realized from my own experience, is creating a better life for myself, my children, and the world starts with taking care of my whole self: heart, body, mind and being. 


I discovered the path through parenting stress and overwhelm is through feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally resourced; with clear strategies for handling stress and relating to others.


That’s why I created Raising Mindfulness, a heart-centered community for ongoing support and mindfulness training for raising and becoming conscious human beings.

While simple, these practices are powerful and profoundly simple, stress relieving tools, I believe every family should have in their self-care tool kit. Raising Mindfulness is a commitment to learning new ways to support your well-being, to move beyond habitual and conditioned patterns that keep you feeling stuck, in your health and relationships.

This will allow you to take care of yourself, while you're busy caring for your family; take back valuable time and energy; realign and reconnect with the present moment; and develop a consistent practice, essential skills and awareness that have the potential to benefit you and your family for a lifetime.


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