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Raising Mindfulness

The Meditation Center for 

Modern Mindfulness for Families and

Natural Stress Relief Techniques



How We Help

Welcome To



The Meditation Center for 

Modern Mindfulness for Families and

Natural Stress Relief Techniques




How We Help

Hello! I'm Katrina, Meditation Coach and founder of 

Raising Mindfulness.

I help families relieve stress naturally and create deeper connections, using mindfulness-based practices, so you can experience less stress, more relaxation, fulfilling relationships and greater well-being to enjoy life.

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Why do I love working with mindful parents and conscious caregivers?


✓ You have strong values you want to share with your children, as you enjoy watching them learn and grow. 

✓ You lead an intentional life, filled with purpose, meaning, love and contribution. 

✓ You want deeper connections and loving relationships with your children and would like to learn simple ways to relax as a family. 

✓ You want to raise healthy children (mentally, physically and emotionally) and believe in the power of loving self-care practices to set a healthy foundation for life.

Imagine waking up every day knowing how to...


✓  Calm and center yourself throughout the day and whatever stress arises.

✓  Confidently strengthen your family's ability to release stress and cope with anxiety ​so you can enjoy restful and restorative sleep.

✓  Shift depleting emotions into positive, renewing states so you can experience better health.

✓  Experience emotional freedom, deepen resourcefulness and become even more supportive to yourself and your family. 

✓  Parent from a place of presence, responsiveness, and resiliency for deeper connections and loving relationships.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Mindfulness & Meditation for Families

Key Coping Skills, Resilience Training & Compassionate Communication Strategies for Family Success

Are You Struggling With Parenting Stress?

Wisdom Training For Conscious Caregivers 

Learn key coping skills to naturally manage parenting stress, gain skillful communication strategies to enhance relationships, and gain an easy, go-to list of embodied practices to take with you anywhere.


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Raising Mindfulness

Signature Group Coaching & Training Program

Stop feeling stressed, out of control and overwhelmed. Start learning how to create calm, loving, and supportive connections through mindfulness today. 


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Mindfulness School

Modern Meditation For Families

Share meditation in fun and meaningful ways with children through interactive online lessons, guided meditations and workbook with engaging tools and activities to do with children.


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