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Essential Tools & Techniques To Calm Anxiety & Release Stress 

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If you're like most parents and caregivers...

✓ You have strong values you want to share with your children, as you enjoy watching them learn and grow. 

✓ You lead an intentional life, filled with purpose, meaning, love and contribution. 

 You want deeper connections and loving relationships with your children and would like to learn simple ways to relax as a family. 

✓ You want to raise healthy children (mentally, physically and emotionally) and believe in the power of loving self-care practices to set a healthy foundation for life.

Imagine waking up every day knowing how to...

 Help children calm and center themselves throughout the day and whatever stress arises to experience greater resiliency and emotional freedom.

✓ Confidently strengthen children's ability to release stress, cope with anxiety ​so they can have restful and restorative sleep.

✓ Shift depleting emotions into positive, renewing states so children can experience better health.

✓ Improve focus and develop concentration for a calm mind, free from overthinking and distraction.

✓ Retrain children's habituated stress response, to skillfully respond vs. react when stress arises.

Hello! I'm Katrina Kinsley, founder of Raising Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher at Conscious Light Academy.

I help parents and caregivers relieve stress naturally and create deeper connections with children, without the overwhelm, using embodied physical practices and relaxation techniques, so together you can experience less stress, enjoy more relaxation and greater well-being to enjoy life.

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