For Families

Protect Your Health and
Optimize Your Longevity to
Live Well Late Into Life


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For Families

Protect Your Health and
Optimize Your Longevity to
Live Well Late Into Life
Embrace A More Healthy And Vibrant Life
Welcome to Raising Mindfulness™

We teach life-changing mindfulness programs to help your family relieve stress naturally and create deeper connections, so you can experience less stress, more relaxation, fulfilling relationships and greater well-being to enjoy life.

Plan for a Brighter Future


Our vision at Raising Mindfulness™ is to be the leading mindfulness school for compassionate caregivers and the next generation of mindfulness leadersWe create a brighter future for families to impact generations and transform the world.


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Plan For A Brighter Future

 Our vision at Raising Mindfulness™ is to be the leading mindfulness center for compassionate caregivers and the next generation of mindfulness leaders. We create a brighter future for families to impact generations and transform the world.

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Why Mindfulness Matters 


  You are feeling depleted and busy managing the stress of day-to-day life, and the toll it has on your body.

  You want your mind to feel clearer and sharper, and protect your memory, right now and late into life.

  You are looking for simple ways to optimize your health and longevity, to relieve physical pain, tension, and discomfort.


Do You Find Yourself Reacting To Your Day,

Rather Than Creating Your Life?

Create and shape the future you want to live, while learning to be here in this present moment.

Mindfulness Training Programs

Mindfulness is one of the most critical skills you can learn to develop to live well, late into life, with good health and a sharp mindMore than a relaxation or stress management technique, mindfulness is a completely different approach to living, to dramatically improve the quality of your life and protect your health.

Compassionate Caregiver Training

An 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Training With Social Support For Grandparents Raising Children 

Living well as you age,  and feeling great doing so, starts with how well you are caring for your mind and body, in the present moment.

Develop a regular practice in mindfulness, self-compassion, meditative movement and mindful parenting so you can:

  • Protect your health and optimize longevity with restorative practices to harmonize the mind and body.
  • Support a calm and clearly focused mind to protect your memory, prevent cognitive decline and support a healthy brain. 
  • Transform stress into renewing energy so you can strengthen your ability to release stress, cope with anxiety and feel better fast.
  • Become the healthiest version of yourself so you can experience greater vitality, strength and flexibility.
  • Relieve physical pain, tension and discomfort with gentle flowing movement to engage the body mindfully. 
  • Transform feelings of overwhelm into greater peace for a profound sense of freedom, whenever you are struggling with physical or mental challenges.
  • Experience deep, restful and restorative sleep to wake up feeling rejuvenated, happier, lighter and more energized every day.
  • Connect deeply with others using the power of compassion to release pressure, resolve conflict better, improve communication, promote resilience and strengthen relationships to leave a meaningful legacy for your family.
  • Access an inner reservoir of steadiness, calmness, and compassion for more moments of peace and spaciousness to breathe, even while you have work or parenting responsibilities.


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 Discover Modern Mindfulness for Families   

Create a deeply nourishing life to protect your health, support your mind and experience greater emotional well-being to enjoy life fully.

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